Take Part is proud to have a fantastic network of theatre professionals who lead our sessions and workshops. By taking part at The Theatre, children, young people, families, adults, communities and organisations experience opportunities to express themselves in a creative environment. In addition to developing creative and collaborative skills, participants build confidence and self-expression, explore ideas, meet new people and enjoy themselves.

We believe that Take Part is encouraging imagination to flourish in our local community and long may it continue to do so.

Take Part Team

Anne Gill


Take Part Co-Director

Vanessa Managhan


Take Part Co-Director

Joanna Higgins


Youth Theatre Coordinator

Pippa Phillips


Youth Musical Theatre Director & Youth Theatre Tutor

Emily Scates


Youth Theatre Tutor

Hetty Rance

  Youth Theatre Tutor  

Abigail Walton

  Youth Theatre Tutor

Peter Pontzen


Musical Director - Youth Musical Theatre 7+ Years

Libby Ritchie


Voice Coach - Youth Musical Theatre 7+ Years

Lindsey Henderson


Youth Musical Theatre 5+ Years

Lucy Joseph


Youth Theatre and Adult Drama Tutor

Martin Lytton


Creative Writing Tutor

Kizzy Horgan


Great Company Drama Tutor

Sarah Hartley


Dance 50+ Tutor

Cat McGill


Chippy Singers Group Tutor