Become A Patron

“It remains incredibly rare to find such a busy producing theatre and arts centre in such a small community. Our Patrons are the reason why we’re here.”

John Terry, Theatre Director

Our Patrons are invaluable members of our theatre community.

Becoming a Patron is the best way to ensure The Theatre can continue delivering the most exciting, accessible and entertaining art, culture and entertainment and remain a thriving arts venue at the heart of Chipping Norton.

Why We Need Your Support

As an independent theatre, and a registered charity, the support of our Patrons is extremely important to us.

Whilst we survived the pandemic and lockdowns thanks to the generous support of our community, the cost of living crisis and cautious return of audiences, combined with escalating staffing and energy bills means we have now been running at a deficit for the last two years.

We do not receive subsidy from the government or the Arts Council and although around 75% of our income comes from ticket and sales each year, we need to raise an additional £250,000 to continue bringing over 300 live performances, films & screenings a year to a wide audience at affordable prices.

Playing a Part in the Local Community

We believe The Theatre is for everyone, and whist we know the life-changing impact getting involved in the arts can have, we also know the arts can be hard to access.

Our Patrons help us change this by supporting our award winning programme of TakePart activities, outreach & community work, providing bursaries for workshops and classes, funding school holiday meals, free community tickets and accessible ‘pay what you can’ performances.

Find out more about our outreach projects and work in the community here.

Thank you to all of our current Patrons - you are amazing!

Platinum Patrons

Michael and Clara Freeman, Nikki Knott, Susanna Peake, Keith Ruddle and Jill Thorley, Tony and Judith Yarrow.

Gold Patrons

Lady Aird, David and Clare Astor, Kate and Matthew Dobbs, The Ford Family, Richard Greaves, Nicky Sherbrooke, Brad and Katherine Wickens.

Silver Patrons

Lord and Lady Blyth, Ant and Harriet Fairbank, Clive and Mary Fieth, Rupert and Amanda Ponsonby, Ms B W Stanford.

Theatre Patrons

George and Ally Bailey, Paul and Allison Blundell, Kathryn Boyle, Sir Dominic and Lady Cadbury, Glena Chadwick, Nick & Sally Chambers, Ali Chapman & Paul Miller, Rolie Clarke, Sarah and Richard Cobb, Darryl Day and Ian Robinson, Elizabeth Fenner, David and Judy Foster, Christopher and Georgie Fox, Christopher and Gillie Galloway, Jackie and Roger Gillespie, Mr & Mrs Graves, Mrs Helen J Hoffman, Mr and Mrs Hughes, Nancy Jarrett, James and Tina Johnstone, Liz Leffman and Mike Flanagan, Jan Lesser, Jennifer Lewis and Richard Whittington, Mr and Mrs C Park, Rosie Pearson, Jose Phillips and Roy Jones, Ciaran and Victoria Martin, Mrs. Sonia P Marshall, Roger Naumann, Brian and Anne Wooby.

And all Patrons who have chosen to remain anonymous.