Leave A Legacy

If The Theatre holds special memories for you and your family, and you would like to help secure it for future generations, please consider making a gift in your Will.

Generous gifts left to The Theatre over the last decade have been of critical importance in supporting us through economic downturns and the pandemic. Every legacy we receive supports The Theatre's work on stage, in the community and behind the scenes, and helps to secure our future.

How to Make a Gift to The Theatre in your Will

Anyone can leave a gift to charity in their Will and no gift is too small to make a lasting difference.

There are three ways you can include The Theatre in your Will;

  • A pecuniary legacy allows you to leave a specific sum of money;
  • A residuary legacy allows you to leave a percentage of your estate;
  • Or, you can leave a specific item, such as jewellery or art.

It’s easier than you think to make or update your Will.

Its also worth knowing that gifts to UK registered charities are exempt from Inheritance Tax in the UK and can help you to manage your inheritance tax liability. But we’d strongly recommend that you speak to a solicitor for advice on tax issues.

For more information about leaving a gift to The Theatre please contact [email protected]

Let us Know

For many people, the business of making a Will is a private matter, and we respect this. However there is always sadness when a legacy is received, that there has not been the opportunity to say thank you during the legator’s lifetime.

If you have already included a gift to The Theatre in your Will, or have the intention to make a bequest please do let us know so we can thank you and recognise your support.

Legators are invited to back stage tours and special events at least once a year, and are recognised in our auditorium, with your permission.

In Memory Donations

Remembering a loved one with a gift to The Theatre is a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone special.

Please contact Katie for more information about making an in memory donation.

Contact list of staff members

With thanks to recent Legacy donors and for in-memoriam donations from

Bruce Kynaston Bebbington, Dorothy Brown, Geoff Evans, Rob Evans, Moira Low, David AER Peake Trust, Mrs Davina Huxley