15 February 2021

What's new at The Theatre?

What's been happening inside the building whilst our doors have been closed!

Normally, trying to perform any sort of maintenance or improvements within The Theatre is a real struggle. Our diary is usually jam-packed with events and workshops, leaving very few occassions when we don't have an audience coming into the building. However, the one silver lining of being temporarily closed, is that it has provided us with the perfect opportunity to treat the building to some well deserved TLC.

Here just a few of the new and improved parts of The Theatre...

Lighting DeskWe have a BRAND NEW Lighting Desk!

Ash & Gav our Senior Technicians are OVER THE MOON with our brand  new lighting desk! After working with a less than ideal set up for many  years, we are very excited to be bringing in some new technology to the building. Perfect for when we start producing our in house shows again.

Thank you to West Oxfordshire District Council for their Community  Facilities Grant awarded to us late last year, which has helped to make  this possible.

Stage LightingNEW Stage Lighting!

Thanks to funding from West Oxfordshire District Council and generous private donors, we have been able to replace our stage lights.

Our previous stage lighting was over 10 years old and was not the most reliable...

But now we have new bright LEDs! This is going to make stage work so much easier for us. Safe to say, this was another very exciting new improvement for our Tech Department.



NEW Boilers

A recent energy survey, curtesy of OxFutures (Low Carbon Hub), found that we could save over 11 tonnes of Co2 emissions by updating our old boilers, repairing the lagging and making changes to our control panel. Thats the equivalent of the average annual heating of over 4 homes! It will also save us over £2750 a year in bills. 

We worked with Blueglo from Witney to implement the new boilers last week, and we have to say they were FANTASTIC!

The project meant The Theatre was FREEEEEZING for over a week whilst being closed, so staff on site had to wrap up extra warm. But it was well worth it, as our building is lovely and toasty AND energy efficient now!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our new improvements. We can't wait until we can welcome you back into this building again and you can experience some of these changes first hand. 

Until then, stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.