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Welcome to our Virtual Memory Box!

In our 50th year it's important to us to gather your memories of The Theatre and how it has impacted your life - whether you've been coming for all 50 years or just once or twice for panto.

In 1974 every house in Chipping Norton gave £1 towards founding The Theatre, and ever since being a place to belong for our community as been at the heart of what we do. Your shared memories will serve as testimony of what The Theatre has meant over the last five decades, and what it can mean to future generations.

How To Submit:

Below is a form to send your memories into us. We know it can be hard to think of something to say, so we've added some questions for you to answer as prompts. You do not need to answer all of the questions - skip any that don't appeal to you, or simply use the final box to fill in your own thoughts.