20 October 2022

50 for 50 years of Panto

There have been 50 Chippy Pantos! That's 50 Pantos of Chippy audiences rooting for Panto heroes, booing at Panto villains, and cheering with Panto dames.

50 Chippy Pantos are behind us, but what's in front of us? Hopefully more years of fun! And you can be a part of that by donating any amount, whether it's £5, £50 or £500. Every penny donate will help The Theatre for years to come.

Take a gander at this enthusiastic quote from one of our audience members on what Panto means to them:

'Christmas just isn't Christmas without the Chippy Panto! I've been with my family almost every year we've lived in Chippy and hope to bring my own children and grandchildren one day.'

Will you help make sure Chippy Panto will be here for future generations? Any amount from £5, £50 to £500 will help to keep the Chippy Panto going. Donate today!

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