The Theatre Bar and Gallery are typically open 30 - 45 minutes before every performance.

Drinks, Snacks and Icecreams

The Theatre has a lovely bar area offering a range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic hot and cold drinks. We stock a range of local beers, ciders and gins. A selection of snacks, including sweets, nuts, crisps and popcorn, are also available. No Theatre trip would be complete without ice cream, and we proudly stock real dairy ice creams and sorbets from Marshfield Farms. You can purchase and ice cream before the show or during the interval.


TOP TIP: Arrive at The Theatre early and pre-order your drinks, snacks and icecreams so they are ready and waiting for you in the interval! 


Around the bar and up the stairway are a magical collection of murals, painted in 1996 by Graham Rust. A further mural (starring Rapunzel, Red Riding Hood, and the Wolf) was added in 2002 by Camilla Peake, a student of Graham’s.

TOP TIP: Hidden in the murals surrounding the chandelier is a secret message! Wise-words added by Graham as a sort-of riddle. See if you can work it out next time you visit us.

More murals can be found in each of our toilets, with a variety of jokes and Theatre-related quotes.