Our aim at The Theatre is to ensure that our beautiful venue is open to everyone. Disabled, non-disabled, people of any background, gender, race and faith, to enjoy and use. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe. We are happy to make any reasonable adjustment we can to make your visit more enjoyable.

The information on these pages may be of use to wheelchair users, people with any form of restricted mobility, hearing or visual impairment, neurodiverse people and people with learning disabilities. If any of these apply to you please click here to join our Access Register to get access to specific tickets and to get help and assistance from our Box Office team.

This info can also help if it’s your first time coming to the Theatre. You might also be interested if you are attending with a pushchair or toddler. If you like to come and go throughout the performance or use the loo at any point then check out our Relaxed Performances.

Access information below is for our theatre and cinema in Spring Street and Goddards Lane, Chipping Norton. For events held offsite at other venues, or events not hosted by The Theatre but available for sale via our box office, please consult any access information on the event page and the venue page for each venue. If you need any more info on a specific event please click here to email us or call our Box Office team on 01608 642350.

To read The Theatre’s full Access Policy please click here.