Chippy Rebels Audio Tour - FAQs


  • My booking is for 9am, does this mean I have to do the walk at 9am?

No. Our ticketing system requires us to specify a time so that we can sell these tickets online. However, you can do the walk at whatever time you choose. 

  • Is the route dog friendly?

Yes. The route follows public footpaths but please be aware that you do walk past a small stream and if there has been heavy rain it can be a little muddy. 

  • How long does it take?

The walk takes approximately 90 mins but you can take as much or as little time as you choose.  We recommend taking your time to enjoy the settings where the stories are set. If you need to take a rest, just pause the tour at your convenience.

  • How do I listen to the audio tour?

You can download the tour to your mobile device (instructions will follow your booking), or borrow an audio player from The Theatre (must be collected and returned during Box Office opening hours - a deposit is required). If you download to your phone, you will receive a confirmation email containg a link and a password.

  • Is the route access/wheelchair friendly?

Whilst there are many flat sections of the walk, some sections involve soft and uneven ground, and would not be recommended for wheelchair users. If you would prefer to avoid the most uneven/muddiest parts, proceed from point 5 on the map (recreation ground), directly to point 8 (the church) via the path leading right from the track. 

  • Can I share the link?

The link can be shared with other walkers in your family/group, only on same that you participate. 

Download a route map