List of Events

  1. Comedy

    Primary School Assembly Bangers LIVE!

  2. Simon Parker: A Ride Across America

  3. Music

    QE2 - The Very Best of Queen

  4. Music

    The Rolling Clones

  5. Family

    Stories Set to Music: Little Red Riding's Hood

  6. Family

    Stories Set to Music: The Wind in the Willows

  7. Theatre

    A Beginners Guide to Widowhood

  8. Theatre

    Murder For Two

  9. Women of the World

  10. Music

    The West End Jerseys

  11. Theatre

    The Windrush Secret

  12. Special Event

    An Evening with Pam Ayres

  13. Music

    Budapest Cafe Orchestra

  14. Special Event

    The Theatre Feast

  15. Pantomime

    Jack and the Beanstalk