Owing to Covid-19 Take Part is unable to run any regular sessions for the summer term or offering summer holiday workshops.

We know how much our participants enjoy the creative and social aspects of our sessions and workshops, but please be assured that we will welcome back our participants as soon as we are able to do so.  We will contact bookers by email with details of the autumn term regular sessions in late July/early August, once we understand more about the transition from lockdown.

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy the creative activities for all ages which are posted on our website.

Do stay safe and we hope to see you again soon.

Anne Gill, Take Part Co-Director and Clare O’Hara, Take Part Co-Director (maternity cover).

Regular Sessions

Our regular sessions follow school terms and therefore do not run during the school holidays.

Delivered by experienced professionals, our regular sessions provide people of all ages with the opportunity to explore new skills, increase their creativity, develop self-confidence and meet new people. Evidenced by participant feedback, we know that our activities increase feelings of health and wellbeing.


During the school holidays we run a wide variety of workshops for children. From day workshops to week long workshops, there really is something for everyone!

Financial Assistance

We know how beneficial our sessions can be for people and we wouldn’t like to think that someone who very much wants to participate is prevented from doing so because of financial constraints. We therefore encourage anyone who would like to discuss help with payments to contact the Take Part staff.

Workshops and regular sessions