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Take Part in singing with The Theatre.

The Can Sing Choir is a five-to-seven week singing experience for beginners, less confident singers and those who believe they can't even hum a tune! The Can Sing Choir is a safe place for anyone who LOVES to sing, but may be shy, a beginner, or has been told that they 'can't sing'. We think this is nonsense!

Come and sing your heart out without any kind of judgement with our fabulous Choir Director Lizzie, who will help you to learn to sing familiar and new songs. All that’s required is a love of music and a desire to have fun!

We have two courses happening this term which you are welcome to sign up to either or both!

Choir leader conducting singers

List of Events

  1. Choir leader conducting singers

    Can Sing | Apr-May

    Thursdays 6.25pm - 7.25pm