Waiting Lists

Excludes events where we act solely as an agent for tickets.

In Advance

Once an event has sold out, we begin an Advance Waiting List for customers who wish to be contacted should spaces become available prior to the start of the event. Although the likelyhood of this is very slim, as we do not generally offer Refunds, Exhanges or Returns, there are circumstances when it does occur.

We contact the customers on the list on a first refusal basis upto the end of the previous Daytime Box Office working day of the event, regardless of the number of spaces wanted or on offer. 

Box Office Opening Hours

On the Door

At the Spring Street Box Office

45 Minutes prior to the start of the event a new waiting list is started for anyone prepared to come and wait at the Theatre for returns on the door. This list superceeds the Advance Waiting List which will have been closed based on the conditions above.

Please note: we do not operate an on the door system for workshops