Summer HAF Projects

Each summer, the Theatre runs Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programmes for young people aged 7 – 14 years who are eligible for free school meals. We explore plays, musicals and the backstage world of theatre.

This summer we had a blast training up the next generation of technicians on Backstage Pass, creating an amazing piece with Play in a Week and letting imaginations, voices and dancing feet fly on Musical in a Week.

We partnered with FarmEd for lunches, and with the Lido for family fun to celebrate all the young people’s hard work. We had a brilliant time and are always keen to be a part of the programme.

With huge thanks to Oxfordshire County Council’s HAF programme for making this work possible.

Want to get involved?

To find out more get in contact with Clare O'Hara, Head of Community on 01608 649112 or below.