Life Begins At 50

Welcome to the celebration!

2024 is the 50th year of The Theatre Chipping Norton, and we're kicking up a big fuss.

The last five decades have seen household names tread our boards, the formation of the national institution that is Chippy Panto and a lasting social impact in our community.

But this year isn't about looking back at everything we've done - it's about looking to the future...'s about bringing you bigger names and more original productions, about supporting our community, and about bringing the transformative power of creativity to even more people.

And of course, it's also about having lots of fun - because after all, LIFE BEGINS AT 50!

In our 50th year we are making three pledges, for this year and the next 50…

Be a hub for creative arts

Make and share extraordinary theatre, music, dance and artistry, championing the arts in North Oxfordshire.

Creativity is the beating heart of The Theatre and we have long punched above our weight in the quality of theatre we stage. In our 50th year we are taking this to the next level, making more original theatre than ever before and bringing a variety of creative arts this area has never seen before. We pledge to make and share work that is extraordinary.

Support our flourishing community

Build confidence and resilience within our local communities, using creativity to uplift how we all live, work and play.

We have always taken our social impact seriously at The Theatre, from hosting 490+ people in weekly creative classes to providing over 5,000 free meals for children from low income families. In our 50th year we pledge to strive to go further to support our widening community through the power of creativity.

Provide a place to belong

Ignite a love of The Theatre with entertainment and a friendly welcome – for whoever you are, and whatever you’re into.

No matter what you find funny, you’ll find a show to laugh at; no matter what your tastes, you’ll find songs to sing to; no matter what you enjoy, you’ll find something to engage you. Whether you need more help or whether you feel nervous; whether you are an aficionado or have never walked into a theatre before – we pledge to be a place where everyone can belong.

What's On

This year we have big names, community productions and special events - there's so much going on we've had to make a bigger brochure!

Download the brochure and find the next 50th events below.

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Get Involved

If you want to be a part of helping us to deliver inspiring work and create social impact in our community, there's lots of ways for you to support us in our 50th year.

From donating or becoming a member, to supporting us walking the Cotswolds Way and running the Town & Gown - find out how you can get involved and support us below: