Lark Rise Exhibition

About the Exhibition

'The Lark Rise exhibition is a community collaboration with FarmEd, Chipping Norton Theatre and the Glyme Lane/FarmArt artists, sharing their passion and concern for nature, raising awareness about biodiversity and bringing about positive change to our beautiful Oxfordshire landscape through the Arts and education in regenerative farming practises.

We are all female artist in middle stages of life who are serious about our work and determined to use it to raise awareness about the challenges our natural world faces. We are all concerned about what the future holds for our adult children and grandchildren.

Artist member Ruth Shaw-Williams describes it best...

"Coming here, to FarmEd, on a regular basis infuses me with hope. This is the way we need to direct our thinking, doing and being - living with nature, rather than 'on top of it.' We are nature and this place personifies that. I dedicate this body of work to the Earth and to my grandsons and their generation in the hope that they may long continue to hear the songs of Lark."

All six of us; Ruth, Judith, Crabby, Jill, Clare and Carol, welcome you to see our exhibition, hear our message, feel our concern and take away some inspiration.

Gallery Opening Times

6th June – 6.30-7.30pm
7th June – 6.30-7.30pm
8th June – 1-7.30pm
9th June – 1-4pm
13th June, 11-2pm
16th June – 11-1pm
17th June– 6.30-7.30pm
18th June– 6.30-7.30pm
19th June– 6.30-7.30pm
20th June – 6.30-7.30pm
23rd June – 1-4pm

About The Artists

Carol Harvey

Carol Harvey is a mixed media pigment artist who makes her own natural inks, crayons and watercolour paints from plants and soil.

Her pieces are nature-inspired and range in form from artist's books, to small paintings, wallhangings, and recently, paper sculptures; all intended to spread awareness and joy of nature and it's many offerings.

Crabby Taylor

These small vessels are built with locally sourced clay mixed with porcelain to increase their integrity. Thin slabs are impressed with seeds and fauna before being torn and pressed into tiny moulds.
After a bisque firing they are saggar fired with materials also gathered from the Millennium Wood and Glyme Lane. It is this
second firing that gives the vessels their unique smoky markings.

Clare Goodall

Clare’s work captures the rhythms, patterns, colour and energy of our natural landscapes, using recycled fabrics, stitch, paint and pressed flowers to create personal reflective art pieces.

Ruth Shaw-Williams

Ruth Shaw-Williams is an artist working in mixed-media installation, placing particular emphasis on Printmaking and Artists' Books.

Ruth is currently exploring the impact that human activity has had on the environment, both in a positive way and also by exploring some of the more negative consequences we now see unfolding in the natural world.

Judith Yarrow

Judith Yarrow painted in the fields and woods of FarmED,(near Chipping Norton), documenting the seasonal changes over a year. She painted in all weathers, the wide horizons over the Evenlode Valley and the close up details of the plants and trees which make this an important centre to see regenerative farming put into practice .

Jill Colchester

Jill Colchester draws people deftly, in real time, as they work the land, capturing effort and motion.