Job Description

As part of our fiftieth anniversary celebrations, we are producing two large scale community theatre productions this summer, bringing together professionals and members of our community in a unique collaboration. The rehearsals and performances will take place in May and June 2024.

We are looking for local volunteers to join the costume team, working with our professional Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor to bring these shows to life. We are looking both for support during the creation process (helping with fittings, alterations, simple costume makes) and the rehearsal and performance process (laundering, preparing and repairing costumes). Both plays have large casts of mixed age and gender, including both professional and amateur performers.

Volunteers should be aged 16 or over.

You will find more about the two plays below. If you would be interested in joining our team, please complete the simple form here.

Applications close May 3rd 2024

Play 1 - Lark Rise

By Keith Dewhurst, from the book by Flora Thompson

Directed by John Terry. Set and Costume Design by Liz Cooke. Musical Director Sophie Crawford.

A summer’s morning at the close of the 19th century. 14 year old Laura, half playful, half astute, journeys through the first day of harvest to meet an extraordinary, eccentric and loveable cast of characters.

From field-workers’ chants in golden cornfields to long-lost songs in smoky taverns , the songs, laughter and everyday tragedies of the villagers of Lark Rise will immerse you in a forgotten, rural England.

Costumes are predominantly Edwardian.

Costume Prep Period

Between Fri 24th May and Weds 5th June 2024.

Performance Period

Between 4th June and 9th June 2024

Play 2 – Barn Dance

By Mike Bartlett

Directed by John Terry. Set and Costume Design by Liz Cooke. Musical Director Sophie Crawford.

A sparkling, touching new play from the multi-Olivier Award winning and BAFTA nominated writer of King Charles III, Press and Doctor Foster.

Echoing the themes of Lark Rise, Barn Dance traces the imagined history of an Oxfordshire barn and those that work and live there. Across a century of history that begins with the conscription of farmhands to fight in World War II, and ends with installation of a kitchen with underfloor heating, Barn Dance is a celebration of Oxfordshire – all that it is, and all that has changed along the way.

Costumes are from three time periods - 1930s, including some uniforms, 1990s and the present day.

Costume Prep Period

Between Fri 7th June and Sun 16th June 2024.

Performance Period

Between Mon 17th June and Thurs 20th June 2024.

If you would like to discuss joining the costume team, please complete the form here.

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