About Lark Rise

By Keith Dewhurst, from the book by Flora Thompson

A summer’s morning at the close of the 19th century. 14 year old Laura, half playful, half astute, journeys through the first day of harvest to meet an extraordinary, eccentric and loveable cast of characters.

From field-workers’ chants in golden cornfields to long-lost songs in smoky taverns , the songs, laughter and everyday tragedies of the villagers of Lark Rise will immerse you in a forgotten, rural England.

This production involves professional creative team and performers mixed with amateur actors, singers and dancers from across our community.
Performed in immersive promenade, surrounding you with the action in a totally re-imagined Chippy Theatre auditorium.
Performed as a double bill with Barn Dance by Mike Bartlett.

Made possible by the generous support of our sponsors and the Chipping Norton Theatre Commissioning Circle

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