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Take Part and dance with our Dance 50 classes!

We don’t believe that age should be a barrier to dance, movement and fun, which is why Dance 50 is aimed at over 50s who can still move it! Led by dance instructor Sarah Hartley, have fun exploring new dance moves whilst improving strength, mobility and coordination. A fantastic way to stretch and move whilst having fun!

All abilities are welcome and no previous dance experience is required.

Dance 50 sessions are always fun and dynamic, with a friendly, informal atmosphere. Those looking to stretch themselves will find plenty of opportunity to do so, whilst participants keen for a more relaxed approach will also be catered for.

We have 2 Dance 50 classes which meet at the Town Hall – both are the same so please pick the time that suits you best. Term lengths vary between 10 - 14 sessions per term and are priced accordingly.

2 people dancing

List of Events

  1. 2 people dancing

    Dance 50 | 9.45am

    Wednesdays 9.45am - 10.45am
  2. Group dancing with arms held in 4th position

    Dance 50 | 11am

    Wednesdays 11am - 12pm