120 mins

30 September 2022

Age Recommendation: 18

Fancy five free drinks?

Two of the world’s leading alcohol experts return with a hilarious quiz show that gets the rounds in – in more ways than one. With a pen and question sheet in one hand and several world-class drinks in the other, join them on a uniquely absurd, fact-filled journey through time.

You will learn and laugh a lot as the answers to life’s most important and unusual questions appear at the bottom of your glass.

And did we mention the five free discerning drinks?

About the show

As you may or may not be aware this show involves the distribution of alcohol. As such we understand that this may raise some concerns it how that is legislated and organised.

The first thing to note is that the amount of alcohol given out is very small and is the equivalent of a large G&T and can of beer spread over the course of an hour. It is also worth noting that the total amount is lower than the recommended daily allowance. 

With regards to licensing Both members of the touring party do hold their own personal licences however for the purpose of touring we ask that the alcohol be distributed under the venues licence. The reason for this is that a key component of the licensing act is that the license holder to ensure the venue is safe and that no one is admitted who is over the limit, or under the legal age. As the drinks are distributed by venue staff as patrons enter the theatre the performers cannot supervise and therefore cannot be sure they are not breaking the licensing act rules. 

Of course as a company we are more than happy to work with your existing policies with regards to the distribution of alcohol.

We will also ensure that a full list of ingredients and any allergens are clearly displayed.

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Ticketing Info

Performance Times: 7.30pm

Tickets: £18

All prices include any booking fees.

Over 18s only.


General booking opens - 30th May, 11am

Venue Info

The Theatre