An art exhibition in the streets and gardens around The Theatre

An exhibition of Chippy people and Chippy memories. In partnership with Chipping Norton Museum and the popular ‘Chipping Norton Then & Now’ Facebook page, this exhibition will showcase images from Chipping Norton’s past, alongside the memories of members of the community, recalling times when people came together in Chippy, and celebrating our hopes to do so again. Discover the town as you’ve never seen it before.

With huge thanks to Penhurst Gardens, St Marys Church, The Chequers Chipping Norton and all of the neighbours who have agreed to host the exhibition.

The exhibition will run from Wednesday 30th June to Sunday 1st August.


Goddards Lane, Spring Street, Church Lane, Church Street, St Mary's Churchyard, Diston's Lane, Penhurst Gardens, Recreation Ground. 

The route is mostly wheelchair accessible, though some sites are on a earth/gravel track. 

This project is proudly sponsored by The McLay Dementia Trust. 

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