An art exhibition in the streets and gardens around The Theatre.

1st - 23rd May 2021.

With limited capacity to what we can share indoors, we have decided to take our gallery programme out into the streets this summer. You will find prints of artwork in the houses and gardens of streets surrounding the theatre – much of it for sale via an online gallery.

8 local artists from the Chipping Norton area exhibit their art in the streets and front gardens around Chippy Theatre. Artists this year are:

  • Carol Harvey
  • Penelope Fulljames
  • Judith Yarrow
  • Jill Colchester
  • Jane Abbott
  • Caroline Chappell
  • Nic Vickery Brown
  • Maureen Gillespie

Artwork will be for sale via an online gallery open from 1st May. Check back for details. 

With huge thanks to Penhurst Gardens, St Marys Church, The Chequers Chipping Norton and all of the neighbours who have agreed to host the exhibition.

Delivered in partnership with Oxfordshire Artweeks and CNArts.



Goddards Lane, Spring Street, Church Lane, Church Street, St Mary's Churchyard, Diston's Lane, Penhurst Gardens, Recreation Ground. 

A full map of sites will be published in late April. 

The route is mostly wheelchair accessible, though some sites are on a earth/gravel track. 

Ticketing Info

1st - 23rd May.

No charge. 

Open 24 hours per day