Playing at The Owen Mumford Gallery

8th July-5th August

Lynsey’s work, mostly seascapes in oil on board and water based paint on paper and canvas, has evolved through observation and her love of coastal areas often inspired by the ever-changing palette of colours, unique atmosphere and dramatic beauty of the coastline.

 “I am eternally intrigued by the irresistible attraction that we feel to be at the sea's edge. My paintings are a celebration of the ever-changing beauty of the point where sea, land and sky meet. I sometimes include locked away images of memories of idyllic summer days spent at the beach. These can appear as ghost-like depictions of figures, rolling waves and sunsets that re-emerge in my work.”

Lynsey takes inspiration from Old Masters such as Cezanne, Monet, Turner, Sisley along with contemporary painters such as Streeton and Fred Cuming RA. 

The seascape has been Lynsey’s primary working subject since living on both the Sussex and Australian coastlines.  

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Before and during the interval of public performances and screening

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