Playing at The Owen Mumford Gallery

21st May-21st June (POSTPONED)

*Due to the closure of The Theatre and its gallery, this event is indefinitely postponed. New dates will be advertised in due course.*


About LiterArties:

There are artists with visions to paint, and storytellers with tales to tell. Combine the two, and meet the LiterArties, published authors as well as inspired artists. Literarties are:

Debrah Martin

Karen French

Alan Kestner 

Rosie Phipps 

Kay Jamieson 

Ann Warren 


About the exhibition:

LiterArties aim? For everyone to SEE the stories they tell too – and through their paintings their stories come alive on walls as well as in print. Telling stories with paint and pastel and print, describing sights and sensations through haunting imagery and inspired brushwork, LiterArties exhibition encompasses a vast range of styles and subject matter. There are opportunities to explore some of their books too - writing about just about every topic under the sun – from local history to transgenderism, psychological thrillers to children’s stories, gritty life to romantic escapism. Come and enjoy a world beyond the ordinary.

Ticketing Info

Saturday between 1pm and 3pm

Before and during the interval of public performances and screening

On occasions these hours do vary, please check before you leave to start your journey.

Entry: free to all

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