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After previous visits to Chipping Norton Theatre with 'Connie's Colander, 'Flat 73' and 'The Fourth Dog', Human Story Theatre brings you the audio version of a newm play Happy Even After which explores domestic abuse; from wedding vows, various anniversaries, and into this lockdown.

Happy Even After first toured theatres in Autumn 2019, and has already enabled: women to leave abusive households, male and female victims to see their stories represented and recruited domestic abuse champions. Since this year's tour was cancelled due to Covid-19, and as a result of the connected increase in domestic abuse, one of the cast members Jilly Bond has driven the conversion of the play into this radio script/podcast. 

All working remotely, crouched under duvets, in broom cupboards, clutching their own phones / tablets, the cast have individually recorded this play, and the editor has crafted the sound. All passionately believing in the play’s messages to four key audiences: awareness for the general public and for neighbours to recognise the signs and seek help, de-escalation tips for both perpetrators and victims, and sources where victims can seek help right now.

The play is split into three episodes culminating in a fourth episode with Becci Seaborne a Domestic Abuse expert, offering current advice and support.

This podcast is a special project as a result of Covid-19, funded by Arts Council England.

To access the podcast, please CLICK HERE (external link - not compatible with Microsoft Edge) or HERE (external link)