Playing at The Owen Mumford Gallery

9th Mar-3rd April (Now closed)

About the Artist

I was born in Birmingham in 1963 and on leaving school studied graphic design at Bournville College of Art . Having drifted out of the industry at an early stage I have always continued to paint and exhibit in and around the Birmingham area with solo and open exhibitions.As an associate member of the Royal Birmingham society of Artists won numerous prizes and commendations before moving to the Cotswolds and showing my work nearer to my new home.


About the Exhibition

In my new exhibition the paintings scan 3 decades showing my obsession with straight lines, colour and realism. There are examples of my travels to Venice and also trying to capture the beauty of the Cotswolds and surrounding area.My work of late has progressed to more figurative paintings and have moved from small intricate paintings to large canvases but still trying to maintain the detail that I so enjoy capturing. I hope that my work will appear to some as capturing the man made beauty of buildings while not , I hope , alienating those who enjoy an artist to use his imagination.

Ticketing Info

Saturday between 1pm and 3pm

Before and during the interval of public performances and screening

On occasions these hours do vary, please check before you leave to start your journey.

Entry: free to all

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