Welcome to the Speak as One Podcast

Speak as One is a community-wide writing project, challenging writers to create a short piece of drama for voices.

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The audio plays featured below represent some of our favourite entries to the Speak as One project. They span a huge range of styles, themes and levels of experience. So close your eyes, sit back and enjoy. 

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Details of cast and readers at the bottom of the page. 

The Speak as One Podcast - Episiode 1 - Introduction

Episode 2 - Best Time by Mark Ralph Bowman, starring Andrew Cullum. 

Bernard's in his garden shed. What can he do to handle the pandemic?

Episode 3 - Missing! by Molly Johnson (6-12 yrs age group), starring Nia Avenell, Lily Bramble and Archie Campbell. 

The first recording from our younger age groups - a monstrous adventure!


Episode 4 - Bots by Lorna Pearson

An intriguing, thought provoking drama of reformated relationships, set in the near future. 


Episode 5 - Seeking Solace by John Drew

John's play considers what lockdown has been like for those already isolated before it began. 


Episode 6 - Where Mama Left Off by Doc Anderson-Bloomfield

A story of family and race, all the way from Texas. 


Episdode 7 - Mrs Powers by Sarah Turner

A story of memory awakened by the images of playgrounds locked during the pandemic. Warning, contains themes of Child Neglect. 


Epsidode 8 - Lockdown Loo Break by Julia Spargo. 

Direct from behind the locked bathroom door, we get a sense of lockdown from a single parent's point of view. 


Episode 9 - Eleanor by Heather Dunmore

Surely having grandchildren is one of the pleasures to be enjoyed a little later in life. Lockdown has other ideas. 


Episiode 10 - A Dodgy Bit of Salmon by Tracey Lloyd

What would previous generations have made of the pandemic?


Episode 11 - Girl X by Jeremy Allen

How far will some people go to find a connection during lockdown? Contains adult themes. 


Episode 12 - Waiting for a bus that never comes by Andy Crick

How does our behaviour change when it seems like there is no end in sight?


Episode 13 - Neverland by Grace Whitty and Mae Cook (12-18 years age group)

The characters of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Wendy may be familiar to many people from the books and films, but what can their story tell us about our current times?


Episode 14 - The Sleeve in the Door by Gabrielle Mullarkey

In this bewitching monologue, we hear the strange rearrangement of time, brought on by months of lockdown.


Episode 15 - Row F in the Stalls by Rachel Chai

A warm memory of theatres, and some of the things that can and do go on there!


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We worked with a phenomenal cast of professional actors, including stars of The Archers, experienced audio-book performers and stage actors. 

The cast was: (clockwise from top left) Helen Monks, Paul Ansdell, Zara Ramm, Edward Dede, Jenny Johns, Ben Eagle, Maureen Bennett, Andrew Cullum and Anna Tolputt. 

Young perfomers (not pictured) were Nia Avenell,Lily Brambe, Archie Campbell, Mae Cook, Grace Whitty.