About HAF: Stage Magic

Join us Monday 12th August - Thursday 22nd August 10am - 2pm for Stage Magic!

This summer our HAF Stage Magic group of 10 participants will build their skills in creating the magic of theatre. Every day we will have free, delicious snacks and lunches from our friends at FarmEd and The Branch.

As well as warm up and team building activities to build them as a theatre company, the group will have special skills workshops in: Lighting and Sound design; Set & costume design; Puppet making and operation, all with our specialist theatre practitioners. The group will create and operate their own puppets, integrating into the Play Making group and working towards a live performance together. They will design their own lighting & sound for the live performance and operate the theatre’s lighting and sound systems with the support of our tech team, as well as running the book, tabs and leading on stage management for a live performance on Wednesday 21st August.

The young people’s set designs, model boxes and puppet designs will be on display in an exhibition of their hard work, alongside the show.

Then on Thursday we will all head to Chippy Lido for a fun day of arts, craft, feasting and of course some fun swimming in the pool with the Lido’s specialist swim instructors and life guards.

We then invite all HAF participants to join us with their families on Friday 23rd August for a free Family Swim session and BBQ together – please book separately.

Please note that HAF projects are funded by Oxfordshire County Council and are available only to students entitled to free school meals. To book your child’s place please contact Head of Community, Clare O’Hara with any questions at [email protected].

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