About I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again... Again!

After a sell-out UK tour and a 4-part series on BBC Radio 4,I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again... Again! returns to The Chipping Norton Theatre for one final tribute show to celebrate the late cast members Tim Brooke-Taylor and Jo Kendall (both of whom appeared on tour with us).

It's 60 years since ISIRTA was first broadcast in April 1963, so this is our big celebration full of jokes, songs, and gibbon stuffing.

With a new 'Best Of' script that we managed one performance of in 2020 until Covid and lockdowns cancelled our tour, we're back... and we're front, and we're a little bit to the side.

Join us for a final celebration of this classic BBC Radio comedy that directly spawnedMonty Python and The Goodies, with Barnaby Eaton-Jones, Hannah Boydell, Ben Perkins, David Clarke, and The Farrington Four band.

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